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Animal Farm Essay Test. Read the following essay options. Answer the questions thoroughly with support from the text. In a well organized essay of roughly one page answer 2 questions total. You should include a bare minimum of four rich supporting details to provide the answer, evidence and commentary. Choose two
Animal Farm Questions: Chapter I. 1. Major cautions the animals not to resemble man. Yet by creating animals who speak and reason, Orwell has endowed them with two characteristics which are thought to separate people from humans. Why do you think he does this? Does the ability to speak or to reason lead to any of
Animal Farm SHORT ANSWER STUDY GUIDE QUESTIONS. Chapters 1-3. 1. For what purpose did Major call the meeting of the animals? He wanted to tell them about his vision of a happier time for animals, a time when the animals would live together as equals without being controlled or abused by mankind. 2. After they
On the day of the test make sure these questions are marked on this question sheet. I will then randomly assign each person a question from those five. This essay will be worth 50 points. After you are assigned your questions, you will write a five paragraph essay in class. Make sure you begin with a short introduction and
Animal Farm Essay. Directions: Choose ONE of the following topics to write your essay about. The essays will be graded separately from the test, but will be part of the test. The essays should be divided into paragraphs according to different ideas or examples. See the outline below: Example Question: Is the story of Animal
Animal Farm Essay Topics. 1) Discuss the seven commandments. How did they change and why? Relate them to the historical laws in place in the Soviet Union if possible. 2) Orwell felt that revolutions fail in that they result only in a change of tyrants. Use specific examples to trace Napoleon's rise to power and show how
Animal Farm Study Questions - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.
How does George Orwell show the use of propagandaand fear as powerful devices to control the masses? The novella, ​ Animal Far...
Argumentative Essay: Animal Farm Prompts/ Options. Directions: 1. You may choose to AGREE or DISAGREE with one of the following statements. 2. Then, you will give your CLAIM specificity by developing reasoning and supporting data to prove your position. Satirical shows and comics are effective means to bring issues
literary essay with questions that help the student approach the essay analytically and critically. ... You are going to watch a BBC documentary about George Orwell entitled George Orwell: Life in ..... 4 This activity has been adapted from Animal Farm – a Study Guide (Educasia 2012) and Study Guide for Animal Farm.

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